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The fall – and meteoric rise – of Troy


How did Troy Walker go from a 1.9 GPA to law school and a break-out career in comedy? He stopped by for a Coffee Break to clue us in.

By Cory Phare

Comedian Troy Walker is a funny guy. 

You might recognize the Roadrunner alum from his CBS appearance on the Late Late Show, as featured speaker at the recent MSU Denver Convocation ceremony or as the laugh-making litigator on billboards around Denver. 

You can also catch him Wednesday, Aug. 30 at Comedy Works Downtown, yukking it up with his hometown crowd. And when you use promo code "ROADRUNNER" you'll receive half off your ticket. 

In the meantime, however, tune into the most recent episode of Coffee Break below for caffeinated conversation about running his own winding road, the subversive nature of comedy and how he came to take a gamble on himself that paid off big. 

Oh, and his favorite Mario Kart 64 driver (hint: it's Yoshi).

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