07:19 PM

Equity, TRiO news and caffeine-powered conversation


Brandi Scott talks about national student-support policy and MSU Denver’s new Center for Equity and Student Achievement in this Coffee Break episode.

By Cory Phare

What goes into a Roadrunner success story?

Obviously there’s the hard work and determination, but for many students it’s also about receiving the right resources at the right time, unique to their situation.

For Brandi Scott, making sure this happens is more than a job – it’s a life’s work.

As director of the recently created Center for Equity and Student Achievement (CESA), she oversees TRiO Student Support Services, Brother 2 Brother, Fostering Success, and Immigrant Services, and provides broad support for first generation and low-income students.

And as an advocate for honoring individual stories, she helps students pack more punch into their studies than a triple-shot latte.

So listen in below as Scott chats with us about the importance of intersectionality in advising, the difference between equity and equality, and gives us an update on TRiO advocacy at the national policy level (hint: Colorado plays a big part).

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