08:08 PM

Take a Coffee Break with Braelin Pantel


Get your caffeine fix with one of MSU Denver’s chief advocates for engagement, wellness and all-around student success.

By Cory Phare

Helping others achieve a holistic sense of health and belonging. Developing a digital application to help students find a way to combat rising housing costs. Coming up with a way for Roadrunners to share their voice about what they like – and more importantly, what they don’t – on campus.

It’s all in a day’s work for Braelin Pantel, associate vice president for student engagement and wellness and dean of students. And throughout it all, she remains tireless in her dedication to student success – no coffee required.

Pantel’s boundless energy is a reason we reached out to her as part of our java-fueled occasional podcast series,  which spotlights some of the unique personalities on the MSU Denver campus. Take a listen below as we discuss wearing multiple hats, the making of a good leader, and what being a Roadrunner means to her.

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