11:26 PM

A multicolored celebration of student success


Summer semester mural-painting class allows students to collaborate and brighten a campus building.

By Alyson McClaran

A colorful new mural spans nearly two walls at the entrance of the Student Success Building, thanks to the conceptual talents of a dozen MSU Denver students.

Carlos Fresquez, associate professor of art, described how students brainstormed, researched and collectively realized their larger-than-life painting in the five-week summer semester course, Community Painting: The Mural. He said the goal of the class was to depict what MSU Denver represents: education, transforming lives, networking, connections and community commitment.

Building visitors are greeted by depictions of multiple arrows wrapped around a giant light bulb, pointing in various directions. Senior Bailey Roberson explained that this part of the mural represents students' paths.

“Some of the arrows are short because some people are in, then out of college and directly on their own path, while for others it’s longer and intertwined with this medley of ideas for the future,” she said. “The light bulb is that idea – that moment that you know, 'I want to change the world;' it's their path, their journey.”

The past and present architecture of the Student Success Building was also incorporated into the mural, such as the triangle designs of the carpet and the bold colors found throughout the structure.

“We didn’t only want to do just MSU Denver colors, we wanted to give the whole spectrum," Roberson said. "We are representing diversity though color."

Next up: Students from the class will be contributing to a mural at Su Teatro, and another will be on display at the Strategies 360 open house June 29. Check out the time-lapse video above and image gallery below for more views of the SSB mural, in the meantime.